What is the difference between A Class and B Class Shares?Collapsed
Who can hold A Class Shares in SunRice?Collapsed
Who can hold B Class Shares in SunRice?Collapsed
Do A Class Shareholders have to hold B Class Shares?Collapsed
What are B Class Shares trading at currently?Collapsed
How many shares do I have in SunRice?Collapsed
What benefits do I receive as a SunRice B Class Shareholder?Collapsed
What is SunRice’s dividend policy?Collapsed
When are dividends paid?Collapsed
How can I join the SunRice Dividend Reinvestment Plan?Collapsed
Who is SunRice’s share registrar and how can I contact them?Collapsed
How do I find SunRice on the ASX?Collapsed
How do I notify a change of address?Collapsed
Can I organise for the direct crediting of my dividend payments?Collapsed
How do I provide my tax file number?Collapsed
When does SunRice hold the Annual General Meeting?Collapsed